Featured in Epoch Times: A Deeper Dive into the 'Chemical Concussion'

Many people know that a concussion can damage the brain, but most think the damage is from the physical injury– not the chemical processes following. Knowing that, consider that your brain might experience something akin to a concussion, not from a physical blow, but through other (sometimes chemical) means. This startling concept has crossed my mind several times, and I am thrilled to discuss this very idea with the Epoch Times. In their insightful article, 'The Inflamed Brain Likened to a ‘Chemical Concussion,’ we dive into the fascinating world of brain health, exploring how the chemical imbalances from concussion can be very similar to those from conditions like Lyme Disease, mold exposure, chemicals, and other infections. Let’s unravel the mysteries of the brain's intricate responses to these invisible assaults.

I have heard the term “chemical concussion” a few times in the past, and it never made any sense to me. The word “concussion” has its origins in Latin, stemming from the verb "concūtere," which means "to shake violently." So, when I was approached by The Epoch Times to comment on the topic of chemical concussions, I was initially apprehensive. My concern was that people might believe chemicals can cause a concussion, whereas it takes physical forces to cause a traditional concussion. However, I also reflected on the dozens, if not hundreds, of patients I've cared for who had symptoms and clinical findings eerily similar to concussions, albeit without any physical mechanism of injury. I believe that people experiencing concussion-like symptoms without an injury are not alone, nor are they “crazy.”

The article that Kayla Laine from the Epoch Times authored delves into the concept of brain inflammation caused by chemical imbalances, likening it to the effects of a concussion. It features my insights on the similarities between the chemical events in the brain following a concussion and those caused by chemical exposures. It also discusses the intricacies of conditions like concussion, persisting post-concussion symptoms, and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), highlighting how these conditions can disrupt normal brain function and emphasizing the importance of reducing inflammation for maintaining brain health.

This article highlights my belief that even though our brain is hermetically sealed inside our skull, it is still very vulnerable. Research is becoming increasingly clear that our body's most vital organs and functions are susceptible to and impacted by the outside world.

Enjoy the article! 


Dr. Antonucci
Dr. Matthew Antonucci
Doctor | Educator | Researcher
Dr. Antonucci is an experienced chiropractic neurologist, board certified in functional neurology and multiple sub-specialties, a researcher, and an international lecturer, currently seeing patients out of Minneapolis, MN. He trained extensively under Prof. Frederick R. Carrick, maintains an active private practice with licenses in multiple states, and has provided breakthrough neurorehabilitation and performance training to thousands of patients. He consults with several NFL and NHL franchises on performance training and concussion. His work has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS, Fox News, and more. He has delivered more than 11,000 hours of presentations, both nationally and internationally, on behalf of the Carrick Institute. Most importantly, he is a loving husband and the father of five amazing boys, whom he hopes to inspire to follow in his footsteps.

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