Your best life begins with your best brain.

Patients, professionals, and organizations around the world have experienced new possibilities by working with Dr. Antonucci and Functional Neurology.

Patient Care

From brain injuries to performance enhancement, Dr. Antonucci has participated in the creation of plasticity-based treatment plans for more than four thousand patients worldwide, over the past decade.


Dr. Antonucci has educated countless doctors through lectures, expert panels, keynotes, poster presentations, workshops, and courses and has even produced entire curricula focused on plasticity.


By developing new treatment approaches,  sharing patient outcomes, and publishing original research on plasticity and cutting-edge therapies, Dr. Antonucci pushes the boundaries of healthcare.

A Purpose and A Passion

Dr. Antonucci is passionate about helping people become the best version of themself by unleashing their hidden potential. Through applications of education, research, technology, and functional neurology, he finds purpose in solving challenges and creating positive change in peoples’ lives, both patient and professional. He is a world-renowned, board-certified chiropractic neurologist and concussion expert based out of Central Florida (Orlando). He has over a decade of experience in patient care, postgraduate instruction, and research, with the concept of plasticity being at the center of all his work.

Real People. Real Stories.

Dr. Antonucci has been blessed to meet, know, and work with so many amazing patients over the years.  He considers it an honor and a privilege that they continue to trust him with their health and the health of their friends and families.
"My sister struggled with concussion symptoms for months. Everyone told her she'd never play again. Dr. Antonucci changed the life of my sister and thousands of others. He's the best in the world at concussions."
Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson

NFL Quarterback
"Dr. Antonucci, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. I appreciate you strengthening mine."
LeBron James

Lebron James

NBA Athlete
"Dr. Antonucci, I am very grateful for you and your team, and am impressed with not only the way you make a difference for people but also by the way you treat them. Thanks for everything."

Sidney Crosby

NHL Athlete

In The Media

Dr. Antonucci's work with patients, professionals, and organizations has gained widespread attention in the media, including:
  • ESPN
    The Player's Tribune
    USA Today
  • BR Bleacher Report
    Seattle Times
    WTSP 10 Tampa
  • Daily Harold
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The Functional Neurology Center

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For Education:

Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies

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