I am thrilled to present the half-day version of the Carrick Insitute's Concussion Bootcamp specifically curated for the 2023 Florida Chiropractic Association's National Convention delegates.
Summary:  Concussions are complex injuries requiring extensive training and specialty consultation. They are occurring in the general population at staggering incidence rates - more than diabetes and more cancer diagnoses. Chiropractors have a unique position in the healthcare system, with established patient relationships and more frequent interactions, allowing them to be pivotal stewards of brain health and safety. However, research has demonstrated that knowledge among ALL healthcare providers is deficient in identifying and managing mTBI. While many individuals don’t know if they were concussed or the magnitude that their injury may have on their life, this 4-hour, fast-paced course will aid its attendees in making solid recommendations by covering the breadth of concussion, from acute/sideline management, sub-acute therapeutics, and the 5 subtypes of concussion. We aim to enable chiropractors to properly manage or refer patients with concussions, reduce long-term suffering, and promote brain health.
General CE Hours:
Hour 1:
Defining a concussion and current epidemiology
The acute pathophysiology of a concussion, related to its sequela
Hour 2:
Plausible applications for managing acutely concussed patients.
Application 1: Molecular Hydrogen
Application 2: Transcutaneous Vagal Nerve Stimulation
Documentation Hours:
Hour 3:
Making and recording the diagnosis using the ACRM 2023 diagnostic criteria
Documenting concussion symptoms
5 Concussion Subtypes
Evaluating and recording concussion-related cognitive dysfunction
Hour 4:
Evaluating and recording vestibular dysfunction
Documenting visual/oculomotor impairment in concussion
Return-to-Play and Basic rehabilitation  Protocols

Many doctors don't consider how documenting stages of care in their patient records subsequently validates and facilitates healthcare progress nationally.  Chiropractic is widely known for treating low back pain, but do records accurately depict the biomechanical, neurological, and metabolic care the profession gives through all stages of care?

This lecture is designed to dive into the research and collaborative practice models of acute, subacute, chronic care, and health management, coupling each stage with accurate record-keeping and proper collaboration that complements strong patient recovery.

As part of this panel of experts, Dr. Antonucci will be discussing care and collaboration for the chronic patient, and how to remodel, rewire, and unwind disease through neuroplasticity.

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