Elizabeth Swanson, DPT

Elizabeth Swanson, PT, DPT, COMT

Physical Therapist

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy with clinical experience and training in both vestibular rehab and brain injury rehab, I have the ability to recognize when a doctor has something unique to offer.  

Physical therapy/vestibular rehab benefits so many patients, but Dr. Antonucci has such a greater understanding of how the brain works, that he is able to take tools and exercises that I am very familiar with, evaluate the brain of a patient, hone in on their individual dysfunction, and somehow create (what looks like) such a simple plan that just gets the job done... extremely well. His knowledge of neurology, as well as their unique and specific applications of treatments, is the biggest difference between his work and physical therapy/vestibular rehabilitation.

When I have a client who is not responding to vestibular rehab, I refer them to Dr. Antonucci and his team.  I would also be fully confident to say that a patient who has not responded optimally working with a physical (or another type of) therapist, even one experienced in vestibular rehab, would benefit from the comprehensive evaluation, the abundance of technology, the individualized diagnosis, and the unique specificity of their treatment plan.  

I can honestly say that there is no other provider that I would recommend to a client who feels like they have hit a wall and wants to take their health to another level.

Miami, FL
Mauricio Castellon, MD, FACS

Mauricio Castellon, MD, FACS

As a medical doctor practicing for 20+ years, I've had the privilege of working with some great doctors. Dr. Antonucci's breadth and depth of his knowledge in neurology are unmatched. I have referred several friends and patients to Dr. Antonucci, and his results have been nothing short of amazing. We are very fortunate to have a specialist of his caliber here in Central Florida.

1499 S Harbor City Blvd #301, Melbourne, FL 32901
Steven Lopez, MD

Steven Lopez, MD

Medical Director - Palmetto Behavioral Health

I first met Dr. Antonucci in 2009, when we cooperatively managed one of my more challenging pediatric patients with Asperger’s Syndrome, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and severe depression. Dr. Antonucci’s collaborative nature, as well as his progressive and comprehensive approach really intrigued me to learn more about him. 

On occasion, I would visit Dr. Antonucci’s clinic in South Carolina. One time I recall a local neurologist accompanying his patient for an assessment of his severe tremor.  The patient could not hold a glass of water without losing its content raising it to his mouth.  After assessing the individual's brain, in 5 minutes of doing some neurological exercises, he was able to decrease the tremor by 75%. 

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Increased Intracranial Pressure which required the placement of a brain stent. After the procedure, I developed dizziness and migraine headaches for 6 months after my brain was ‘fixed”.  I saw multiple neurologists and vestibular physical therapists that were completely vexed by my presentation; everyone said it sounded like a concussion, but had no clue how to help me.  That is when I knew it was time to call Dr. Antonucci. He invited me come to his clinic in Atlanta, at the time.  After a thorough assessment which was never done by ANY of my prior clinicians, he quickly created a plan and started treatment. Four days later (working 3 hrs per day under his care), about 80% of my symptoms had subsided. 

During my week of treatment, I met a wonderful woman in a wheelchair, that traveled from Canada to see Dr. A. She told me that she had seen 61 specialists over 3 years, throughout the United States and Canada, including neurologists and physical therapists. On her second day of treatment, she walked into the clinic, unassisted for the first time in 3 years. I was speechless.

As a medical physician, I chose to refer challenging patients to Dr. Antonucci because of his incredible understanding of the brain, and impressive outcomes. His unique understanding of the human brain is unsurpassed by any of my peers, including my clinical team. It is entirely different than what I learned in my training or residency as a physician.

I truly believe Dr. Antonucci is unmatched in healthcare. He bridges the gap between traditional neurology, vestibular physical therapy, chiropractic, and holistic medicine when they fail independently. If you are a physician with an unresponsive patient or are a patient searching for one of the best experts in the field of neurology, I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Antonucci. 

Charleston, SC

Paul Brewer

Dr. Antonucci is a charismatic leader and practitioner that inspires me to be a better doctor and person. He is optimistic but realistic; always with a smile. He has a unique ability to dissect complex neurological concepts into simple and understandable terms. Although he is an expert in neurology, he has always impressed me with his genuine desire and humility to seek more information with a different perception. He sees the best in others, lifting them to reach their potential.

Boise, ID
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Naphtali Visser

I was referred to Dr. Antonucci by one of his colleagues.

At the time, I was experiencing vertigo which got progressively worse over the course of a few months. It got so bad that I couldn't work and could barely walk without feeling like falling down.

I visited Dr. Antonucci for a 5-day intensive program. After the 1st day, my symptoms were reduced 70%. After the 4th day, my symptoms were reduced 95% and I was sent home early with exercises to do at home.

Dr. Antonucci gave me my life back!! Seven years later, I still feel great.

Boston, MA
Ted Carrick, DC, PhD

Frederick R. Carrick, DC, PhD

Dr. Antonucci is a talented clinician that served as a first-assist in his neurology fellowship with me. In the decade following his training, I am proud to share that he has developed an international reputation as an authority as both a clinician and an educator in the field of concussion and brain injury rehabilitation. Dr. Antonucci is an empathic health care provider, humanist, and life-long learner. We are fortunate to have him as faculty at the Carrick Institute, and serving here in Central Florida.

Cape Canaveral, Florida
CJ Laboy Wasserman

CJ LaBoy

I have worked with hundreds of NFL players and many doctors over the last 20 years, and I can say that Dr. Antonucci is a one-of-a-kind absolute magician in dealing with concussion recovery.

Los Angeles, CA

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