This workshop, brought to you by the Carrick Institute, introduces chiropractic physicians to the tools, examination procedures, and clinical applications they need to help those suffering from concussion. Effectively treating concussion patients is not as simple as adjusting them. Learn the basics of what to know when evaluating a concussion patient and the basics of how this information influences your adjustments and other treatment approaches.

A common symptom that patients who have sustained a concussion describe are the sensation of, "I don't feel like myself", or "I don't know how to explain it, but I just don't feel right." This very vague symptom presents challenges for both patients and doctors alike. How do you treat someone that just "doesn't feel like themself?"

In this virtual presentation, Dr. Antonucci will discuss the bases of self-perception, how concussions can affect that perception, how a clinician might be able to measure a patient's ability to perceive themself accurately, and most importantly... how to use the power of plasticity to restore their self-identity.

Many are familiar with concussion diagnosis when sports are involved., but few think of concussions when witnessing falls on the park, in the airport, at the grocery store, or at home. Falls have surpassed all others as the #1 cause of concussion due to the aging population. As chiropractors ARE seeing AND TREATING concussed patients. Do we know the ethical boundaries in place when witnessing, diagnosing, and treating these injuries? Do we know how to work as part of a multidisciplinary team? Micky Collins published a paper in 2016 that looked at concussion approaches from a multidisciplinary perspective in which he referenced his 6 subtypes of concussion: Migraine/Sleep (Autonomic), Vestibular, Cervical, Oculomotor/Vision, Cognitive, and Affective. Attendees will learn what a concussed individual experiences from the time of injury until they are well. This presentation will underscore how each discipline views and manages concussions, and how chiropractors can participate in this multidisciplinary management of concussions.

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