In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, understanding the deeper mechanisms behind therapeutic interventions is crucial. This is precisely what Dr. Antonucci's 1-hour presentation unravels. Diving into the neurology behind a chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Antonucci offers a fusion of clinical expertise and cutting-edge neuroscience, aiming to provide attendees with an enriched understanding of why and how chiropractic care can profoundly impact overall health and well-being. Drawing from years of rigorous research, clinical observations, and patient testimonials, he elucidates the often misunderstood neurological pathways activated during chiropractic adjustments, shedding light on their holistic benefits.

This hands introduction workshop is designed to teach you how your adjustments affect the brain and how knowing this information changes how you adjust your patients. Various concepts of clinical neuroscience will be discussed relating to how subluxations negatively influence the brain. This learning-by-doing workshop focuses on the examination procedures to determine where the brain is not optimal and adjusting strategies to enhance human function.

Beyond just a clinical demonstration, Dr. Antonucci's presentation is a testament to blending traditional healing practices with contemporary scientific scrutiny. This session will be a game-changer for both seasoned chiropractors and students in the field, challenging conventional notions and introducing innovative ideas about the broader implications of chiropractic care on brain health, nervous system function, and systemic wellness. Participants can anticipate walking away with actionable insights, grounded in solid science, that can be directly applied to their practice or personal health journey. In an age where integrative health is at the forefront, understanding the neurology of chiropractic adjustments is not just beneficial – it's essential.

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