Dr. Matthew M. Antonucci

Dr. Antonucci is an experienced chiropractic neurologist, functional neurology practitioner, researcher, and international lecturer with more than a decade of clinical experience. He proudly has participated in the health transformation of thousands of patients with complex neurological conditions and performance challenges, through the prescription and administration of client-specific functional neurology rehabilitation programs. He is a highly sought-after speaker who has delivered thousands of hours of education, to tens of thousands of healthcare providers both domestically and internationally and has authored a number of peer-reviewed publications. He is a loving husband and the father of five amazing boys, whom he hopes to inspire to follow in his footsteps.

Academic and Professional Credentials

B.S.: Bachelor of Science (Biology), Excelsior College
D.C.: Doctor of Chiropractic, Life University
D.A.C.N.B.: Diplomate, American Chiropractic Neurology Board
F.A.C.F.N.: Fellow, American College of Functional Neurology
F.A.B.C.D.D.: Fellow, American Board of Childhood Developmental Disorders

F.A.B.N.N.: Fellow, American Board of Nutrition and Neurochemistry
F.A.B.V.R.: Fellow, American Board of Vestibular Rehabilitation
F.A.B.B.I.R.: Fellow, American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation
F.I.C.C.: Fellow, International College of Chiropractors

Current Appointments & Employment


Member, Dean's Society of the UCF College of Medicine
Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Life University
Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Palmer Chiropractic College
President, American Board of Brain Injury and Rehabilitation
Editorial Contributor, Frontiers in Public Health & Frontiers in Neurology
Editorial Contributor, Frontiers in Neurology
Board Member, Carrick Institute's Institutional Review Board
Board Member, Vagus Nerve Society


President and Clinician, NeuroSynergy Associates, PA
Professor of Functional Neurology, Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies
Co-Founder and Cheif Strategy Officer, Monarch Bioventures

A Little More About Me...


I make observations and correlations, I understand the brain, and I solve patients’ problems. That’s what I do. Neurology is about associations. Understanding the associations between observations is the code for solving neurological challenges.

Over the past 13 years, I have had the privilege and honor to learn something from each of the 4,000 patients of all ages, from every background and every occupation, suffering from brain injuries.

Patients have told me they “have seen every doctor”. They have shed tears of frustration because everyone says that “they look fine” and “they’re just stressed out or anxious”. They’ve shared their hopelessness. They’ve even said that I was their last option. Thankfully, I was never their last option, and in many cases, I was just the last person that they needed.

These patients have helped me discover how to use functional neurology to help concussions when some people believe that treating a concussion is not possible. They’re not entirely wrong, because every person’s concussion is different, so CONCUSSIONS can’t be treated. Doctors need to assess and treat the PATIENT, not their diagnosis.

This perspective has allowed me to transform the lives of nearly every patient with a concussion, and those with many other neurological syndromes, in as little as one 5-day program.


I live for “ah-ha” moments. I find it so exciting to take the complexity of the brain and make it easy to understand, so healthcare professionals can transform the lives of as many people as possible, with functional neurology. Knowing that the tens of thousands of doctors that I have trained in the classroom, at conventions, and in my clinics since 2006 have cumulatively changed the lives of millions, is the most gratifying feeling.

Functional neurology is defined by the American College of Functional Neurology as (paraphrased) a healthcare specialty focused on assessing the process causing the varying degrees of neurological dysfunction and restoring its integrity through the prescription of physical (sensory and motor) and cognitive modalities, and when necessary, nutrients and medications.

Whether it’s in a 1-on-1 consulting capacity, or In each course that I create, I try to be the Rosetta Stone between the scientific literature and the provider in the clinic. I have discovered that I learn complex information in 2 ways: by analogies and by hands-on, real-life scenarios. So naturally, all of my educational modules are always filled with analogies, hands-on applications, and stories of my successes and more importantly my failures.

Do you have something that you or your organization want to learn about? I’d love to share my knowledge with you and your peers. Just contact me.


My mission is to transform healthcare and performance training by delivering education on and implementing the practice of functional neurology. However, I cannot do that alone.

Over the years, through my affiliation with the Carrick Institute, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many organizations- from professional sports teams to state and national professional organizations, and many private practices- to create and implement components of functional neurology into their organization.

I have had the privilege to create and deliver every type of educational experience from podcasts, online lectures, teleconferences, and 20-minute keynote presentations to 350-hour neurology curricula, to groups from 10 to 10,000. In some scenarios, organizations have asked me to deliver selected topics from my list of previously offered topics. Other times, they have asked me to create and deliver topics of specific interest that fit their individual needs.

I have presented for associations around the world on Ethics, Medical Errors, Documentation, Risk Management, and general education on a myriad of neurology-related topics.  If it involves the brain, I can speak on it on every level: from a lay-person’s perspective to that of an expert panelist.

How can I help your organization learn and implement functional neurology?
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