Science is beginning to see the magnitude of head injuries in society. New reports estimate that one in every 10 people will have a concussion yearly, with some sustaining multiple. Other studies report that more than 50% of students report having concussion symptoms by their freshman year in high school. Although not the first professional that comes to mind when thinking of a concussion, chiropractors may have an essential role in the prevention and management, as well as in educating the public.

This 1-hour workshop will discuss 5 important concepts that chiropractors need to know about concussion, in order to properly treat and advise their patients.

This workshop, brought to you by the Carrick Institute, introduces chiropractic physicians to the tools, examination procedures, and clinical applications they need to help those suffering from concussion. Effectively treating concussion patients is not as simple as adjusting them. Learn the basics of what to know when evaluating a concussion patient and the basics of how this information influences your adjustments and other treatment approaches.

A common symptom that patients who have sustained a concussion describe are the sensation of, "I don't feel like myself", or "I don't know how to explain it, but I just don't feel right." This very vague symptom presents challenges for both patients and doctors alike. How do you treat someone that just "doesn't feel like themself?"

In this virtual presentation, Dr. Antonucci will discuss the bases of self-perception, how concussions can affect that perception, how a clinician might be able to measure a patient's ability to perceive themself accurately, and most importantly... how to use the power of plasticity to restore their self-identity.

Dr. Antonucci will be taking a research-supported dive into the interplay between the development of the human nervous and its interaction with the environment.  This provides a philosophical foundation for utilizing evoked potentials in neurological rehabilitation which can influence or alter muscular tone, reflexes, autonomic function, motor control, cognition, and even affect.

Synapse Sessions brings together leading physicians and researchers in the field to share their work and to give presentations on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning and inspiration in Clinical Neuroscience... all done virtually! The program is offered via online, self-paced learning.

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