Many doctors don't consider how documenting stages of care in their patient records subsequently validates and facilitates healthcare progress nationally.  Chiropractic is widely known for treating low back pain, but do records accurately depict the biomechanical, neurological, and metabolic care the profession gives through all stages of care?

This lecture is designed to dive into the research and collaborative practice models of acute, subacute, chronic care, and health management, coupling each stage with accurate record-keeping and proper collaboration that complements strong patient recovery.

As part of this panel of experts, Dr. Antonucci will be discussing care and collaboration for the chronic patient, and how to remodel, rewire, and unwind disease through neuroplasticity.

Special thank you to Dr. Antonucci's sponsors:

Get ready to experience a discussion on neuroscience like never before! Dr. Antonucci will represent the Carrick Institute on a panel on Post-Concussion Syndrome, with a star-studded medical panel at the American Society of Pain and Neuromodulation in Miami on July 14, 2023.

Leading the conversation is Dr. Erika Petersen, MD, the director of functional and restorative neurosurgery and the vice-chair of ASPN. Her incredible surgical prowess and leadership skills ensure an engaging and insightful conversation.

Discussing concussion rehabilitation approaches will be our very own Dr. Matthew Antonucci, a renowned name in the world of concussion rehabilitation. Known for his unmatched outcomes and ground-breaking approach to the most challenging concussion cases, his insights promise to bring a fresh perspective to the field.

Sharing the stage with Dr. Antonucci is a former Super Bowl champion and now an acclaimed interventional pain specialist, Dr. John S. Michels. With his unique experience on both sides of the game, he brings an invaluable perspective on injury and recovery.

Adding to the power-packed panel, we have Dr. Johnathan Goree, an esteemed anesthesiologist whose expertise in pain management will provide crucial insights into patient care using neuromodulation techniques.

Joining this incredible group as a moderator is Dr. Peter S. Staats, MD, MBA, an American physician, educator, author, inventor, and clinical researcher specializing in interventional pain medicine. His breadth of knowledge and experience promises to bring a rich dimension to the discourse.

Mark your calendars and get ready to explore the depths of neuroscience, rehabilitation, and recovery!

Many are familiar with concussion diagnosis when sports are involved., but few think of concussions when witnessing falls on the park, in the airport, at the grocery store, or at home. Falls have surpassed all others as the #1 cause of concussion due to the aging population. As chiropractors ARE seeing AND TREATING concussed patients. Do we know the ethical boundaries in place when witnessing, diagnosing, and treating these injuries? Do we know how to work as part of a multidisciplinary team? Micky Collins published a paper in 2016 that looked at concussion approaches from a multidisciplinary perspective in which he referenced his 6 subtypes of concussion: Migraine/Sleep (Autonomic), Vestibular, Cervical, Oculomotor/Vision, Cognitive, and Affective. Attendees will learn what a concussed individual experiences from the time of injury until they are well. This presentation will underscore how each discipline views and manages concussions, and how chiropractors can participate in this multidisciplinary management of concussions.

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