"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile."

- Albert Einstein

Please take a few minutes to complete this form to join our referral network and collaborate with us to enhance patient outcomes in functional neurology. By sharing your clinic’s information, you become a vital part of a professional community supporting one another in treating complex cases, particularly concussions resistant to conventional treatments.

We need you in this network to direct patients to local care after our immersive weeks and when they cannot travel to see us. It will also provide a way for you to refer cases requiring immersive-focused treatment plans or equipment you might not have access to.

Your information will not be made public and only available to our patient care coordinators and doctors. We will only send you referral information and updates that we believe are relevant to you and your practice. We will not use your information for any other purpose. However, by providing your information, you agree to allow us to share it with doctors and patients looking to connect with you.

Together, we can ensure that every patient receives the focused and expert care they need in their community. Let’s unite our efforts to push the boundaries of what's possible in patient recovery.

No fine print to read. There is nothing to sign—no strings attached.

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