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Functional Neurology Management of Concussion: Level 2, Chapter 3

December 28, 2023 - December 30, 2023


In this third chapter of the Carrick Institute's second level of Functional Neurology Management of Concussion (FN-MOC), we will be Unlocking the Mysteries of the Mind: Understanding Concussion and Cognitive Function.

Explore the complex world of cognitive function and its vulnerability to concussion in this expnasive chapter of the Functional Neurology Management of Concucssion. After reviewing the medical literature for topic relavence, and foundation, we begin a dive deep into the brain's intricate workings that summate to the cognitive experience. Dr. Antonucci introduces and expands on his 5-level hierarchy of cognitive processing, including concussion’s effects, the effects of commonly prescribed medications, domain assessments, technology, and the clinical relevance of each level.

This course is meticulously designed for healthcare professionals practicing in brain injury medicine, who are fascinated by the brain's resilience and adaptability. You will gain profound insights into how concussions affect cognitive abilities, the resilience and plasticity of the brain, and strategies for effective rehabilitation and management.

Embark on a journey through cutting-edge research and clinical findings, unraveling the subtle ways in which concussions can reshape cognitive processes. This course is not just a learning experience; it's an invitation to join the frontline of cognitive neuroscience, empowering you with knowledge that can make a real difference in the lives of those impacted by concussions.

  • Concussion and Cognition: How concussion can alter one’s ability to think
  • The Role of Intelligence in Cognitive Function: Differentiate between intelligence as a global concept and specific cognitive functions.
  • Cognitive Domains as Components of Intelligence: How various cognitive domains contribute to overall intelligent behavior.
  • IQ and Cognitive Function Post-Concussion: Examine how concussions impact intelligence and cognitive abilities, differentiating between IQ changes and specific cognitive impairments.
  • Cognitive Domains Affected by Concussion: Delving into memory, attention, language, and executive functions, and how they are influenced by concussions.
  • Neuropsychological Impact of Sports-Related Concussion: Analyze cognitive impairments in athletes, recovery patterns, and the influence of factors like age and gender.
  • Self-Reported Symptoms vs. Objective Neurocognitive Testing: The importance of comprehensive testing in concussion diagnosis and management.
  • Assessment Tools in Concussion Management: Insights into neuropsychological testing, including those that measure FSIQ, PIQ, and VIQ impairments.
  • Network Connectivity and Brain Function Post-Concussion: Understanding changes in brain network connectivity and their implications.
  • Advanced Concepts in Cognitive Neuroscience: Exploring the hierarchical organization of cognitive functions and the interplay of various cognitive domains.
  • Perception, Motor Skills, and Sensory Processing: Understanding the impact of concussion on motor functions, sensory processing, and coordination.
  • Attention and Executive Function Post-Concussion: Investigate the effects on focus, multitasking, and higher-order cognitive skills.
  • Language and Communication After Concussion: Assessing the impact on verbal and written language skills.
  • Memory and Learning Post-Concussion: Exploring short-term and long-term memory, learning processes, and their vulnerability to concussions.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Social Cognition: Exploring changes in emotional processing and social interactions following a concussion.
  • Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Strategies: Approaches to cognitive rehabilitation post-concussion
    Clinical Implications and Patient Care: Integrating the course knowledge into practical patient support and management strategies.


December 28, 2023
December 30, 2023
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